How do we start with such a personal digital well-being plan?

Your digital 
well-being plan. 
Tailored to your Employees.

See how we do this below!

Welzijnsplatform Coach Me

Step 01


How is the well-being of your employees?

Step 02


The Coach Me system will
analyze the data and Map
the current well-being situation.

Step 03


Suggest the path based
on the current situation in order to improve the well-beings.

Step 4 (4).png

Step 04

Follow up

Follow-Up and improve your employees' well-being based on tips & tricks.

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Welzijnsplatform Coach Me

Team building all year round

Plan events in the Coach Me well-being platform, so that you can do activities together with your colleagues.

Challenges, to get your employees to compete with each other. Make them compete for the top places together!

Benefits for your company

Healthier employees reduces the chances of getting sick. Your employees will be happier, they have a higher productivity and an improved employee connection.

All due to an improvement of their physical and mental health.

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Teambuilding all year long

Happier employees
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Higher productivity
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Healthier employees


(less illness)


Data platform to follow up your

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pngegg (2) 1.png

Rewarding the employees

In order to motivate the employees, we will reward them for their performance. Both offline and online.

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